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Final Class of my Summer Webcomics Workshop

Here I am working with a very talented young student on her final layout. It ended up being a group effort with lots of great ideas going back and forth. These are my favorite kinds of classes!

For more info on the workshop, visit the college's website here!

Summer Webcomics Workshop wrapping up

The students have really been progressing well and their improvements have been amazing. Here I'm working with a student on tips on perspective. 

Find out more about my workshop on the college's website here!

This week's Comics class: Settings and Backgrounds

What purpose does background art have in a comic? Does it really matter? Yes, it does! It must serve the story being told. In this clip, we analyzed how the long stretches of road and dramatic cliffs create the perfect space for the speedy Road Runner to outwit the devious Wile E. Coyote.

Carla's Comics Workshop: Character Design

Today we talked about character design and how the decisions that go into each character's features need to reflect their role in the story. That means we need to consider not only their physical features, but their expressions, their gestures, the way they dress. We did a fun exercise asking ourselves, What would Olaf look like if he were an evil character? It wasn't pretty! But it sure was fun.

This workshop is available through Max the Mutt Ontario College of Animation, Art & Design. More details here: 


Carla's Comics Workshop: Character Development

Carla's Comics Workshop: Character Development

 My Webcomics workshop with Max the Mutt College is in full swing! This week's class was on character development, and I did a fun exercise with students on analyzing some famous protagonists. We answered the big questions when developing great characters: What do they want? What obstacles are in their way? What tactics do they use to overcome those obstacles?

We're having a great time in class. Here's more info on this fun summer workshop: