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Pretending I'm high-tech!

Pretending I'm high-tech!

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So the other day, I sat down to draw, and everything was coming out really weird. I looked closely at my pen nib, and it looked like it got stepped on. So I thought oh my gosh, I need to fix this right away, so I went online and B&H Photo had nibs, so then I thought oh, I have another problem, I don't have the tool to take it out. So Henry said,...

Halloween 2018

I wanted to share a Halloween "On a Claire Day" comic we did.  Writing a comic that's funny is hard enough, but for this we set an even harder goal: to create a comic that was actually scary.  Who knows if we succeeded, but in any case, what we ended up with has always been one of my favorites.  Hope you like... Happy Halloween!!!  

Mr Ricks - On a Claire Day

Assignment: Horse Calendar

~This is part 1 in a series~

About a year ago I got contacted out of the blue to do a calendar for a horse association. Sure! I said, not really knowing what I was getting myself into.

Carla Miller Design horse cartoon

I imagined drawing lots of cute horsies


“Have you estimated how long this is going to take you?” Even Henry had reservations. He knew I'd often jumped into projects without getting all the specifics. “Um, a couple of hours per cartoon I think.” (My math turned...

Getting our comic strip syndicated, Part 1

Getting our comic strip syndicated, Part 1

~This is part 1 in a series~

Sometimes I think back to when my husband, Henry, and I were doing our syndicated comic strip, between 2005 - 2014, and to be honest, I'm grateful the daily grind is over. It was A LOT of work. Coming up with ideas for six days' worth of material, plus a Sunday strip that had to be bigger and in color. Maybe we could've handled it better if we hadn't had to do other work on the side for income. The strip didn't make enough for us to live off of, so along with that and...

I'm working on a fun horse show calendar for some serious horse lovers.

I've learned a lot! 

For example, that at shows, the tack must be perfect, the horse must look and act great, but, for whatever reason, the most important thing is the hats!